Q: How far can I drive off road before I need to recharge?

A: It varies by model depending on the battery pack and other conditions. The best range in electric is the Lithium package which offers 3 different power options from 150 to 275 amp hour rated battery packs, up to 125 km’s in moderate terrain. The lower rated Gel range capability is still covering 30-80 km’s. Range is reduced as the battery pack ages, in hilly conditions and in extreme temperatures as well.

Q: Where do I get my Applestone serviced?

A: A competent person can carry out the servicing or you can take it to your local bike shop. There are other alternatives as well like a mobile service agent for those that require it. Contact Applestone directly for help if needed.

Q: What is the life expectancy of the battery pack and cost for replacement?

A: Under normal conditions, the GEL battery pack can last up to 5 years before needing replacement at an approximate cost of $3,500. Note that the battery pack capacity will start to decline in year 3 and is a candidate for replacement during this time, depending on how many cycles the batteries have been used and what distance is required. Lithium batteries can last in excess of 10 years if depth of discharge is not abused.

Q: How long is the Applestone vehicle warranty?

A: 2 year comprehensive limited warranty covering the whole vehicle.

Q: What is the primary maintenance on a Applestone?

A: Maintaining the battery and keeping the motor terminal connections clean and tight, keeping water and debris from electrical systems and maintaining the charge cycle. Checking brakes, oil levels in diff and reduction box. Plus other recommended maintenance and safety items as included in the owner’s manual.

Q: Does a battery charger come with the vehicle?

A: A battery charger comes with all models. This could be an onboard charger or stand alone in some cases.

Q: What is the electricity requirement for the charger?

A: 220v – household current 10 or 15amp socket.

Q: Are Applestone UTV’s street legal?

A: No. All UTV vehicles are designed for off road use however it is possible to register them for on road use under certain circumstances.

Q: How fast can they go?

A: Our electric UTV’s have 3 forward speeds/torque settings which can be programmed to suit your terrain and application. Top speed is around 40km/h.

Q: Do Applestone vehicles have electric steering and 4WD?

A: Yes. All Applestone UTV’s come standard with (EPS) electric steering and switchable 2/4WD with front diff lock.

Q: Do Applestone E-UTV’s have brake regeneration?

A: Yes. Our E-UTV’s have brake regeneration and down hill decent control as standard.

Q: Where can I get a brochure?

A: The product page on this website has a specification sheet which can be printed/ You can also download photos and videos from our site.