Electric UTV (Side by Side)

Electric UTV driving up steep gravel road while towing.

With a laden weight of 500kg in the UTV and towing a trailer with a weight of 700kg. Using 2WD only we traveled up this 2km loose gravel road winding our way to the top. Some parts of the track are 20 - 30 degrees with rest being a constant 15 degrees.

Driving down steep hills with a decent load on. Electric UTV.

Trying out the electric brake regeneration, engine braking which helps to recharge the batteries with putting up to 100amp charge back in the battery.

Our Electric Demo out on Trial
Our Electric Demo out on Trial
Couple of new Electric UTV orders ready to go out to customers.

Couple of new Electric UTV orders ready to go out to customers.

Both Electric. Showing with and without bumper/carrier

Both Electric. Showing with and without bumper/carrier

Electric UTV around the demo track

We now have these available with Lithium batteries 

Down Hill Descent!

Trial using Regeneration Braking down a 35 degree Hill

We wanted to test out the down hill braking ability of the 5kw Electric UTV so we did some trials down on the farm. The E-UTV has regeneration braking which you can engauge prior to starting the down hill decent. As you can see in this video.

There is no video clip yet

Applestone APU50D Electric 2 Door UTV Engine and Drivetrain

Engine Type: Electric KDS 5.0KW 50V AC Peak Power: 16KW (21.7HP) Torque: 3 x switchable Torque settings

Onboard Charger: TCCH-80V/350A (100-240Vac Input)

4WD System: Selectable Hi/Lo Ratio 2WD, 4WD with Front Diff Lock

Top Speed: Governed to 40Km/H

Endurance: 120Km

Battery: 9 x Gel Type. 8V 150AH - 72 volt system

Charge Time: 6-8 Hours (Dependent on depth of discharge)

Suspension, Brakes, Tyres Suspension. Front and Rear: 4 Wheel Independent Double Wish Bone Suspension Brakes: Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Driller Rotors Tyres: Front: Comes Standard with Turf Tyres

Interior Increased Cabin Size Offering More Leg and Head Room with Front Adjustable Seats and Seatbelts. Back Lit Multi Function Digital Driver Information Centre Shows KPH, Voltage, Amps, Motor Temp, Ambiant Temp , 2-4WD, Diff Lock, Odometer, Trip, Engine Hours, Battery Charge, Torque Position, Warning Lights. Easy to Access Switches on Dash for Lights, Indicators. Horn, Wiper, Winch Control and Radio

Dimensions APU08E 2 dr Overall Length: 2850mm Overall Width: 1470mm Overall Height: 1800mm Wheelbase: 1900mm Ground Clearance: 320mm Minimum Turning Radius: 4500mm Curb Weight: 853 kg Cargo Bed Capacity: 230 kg Suggested Load Capacity: 300 kg Additional Features (EPS) Electric Steering Glass Windscreen, Electric Dump Bed, Roof Mounted LED Spot Lights, Side Mirrors Hard Roof, Bucket Seats, MP3 Player, Solid Front Bumber, Front Mounted 900kg Capacity Winch(Optional) Front Cross Bar and Under Chassis Protection Panels. EEC Approved. Comprehensive 24 Month Warranty