Electric and Petrol UTV's for all New Zealanders

Welcome to Applestone Vehicles.

Applestone — A brand that has been around for almost a decade and has an excellent proven reputation around the world with many sales in Sweden, USA, Germany, Italy, Russia and Australia.

Our vehicles are perfectly suited to NZ conditions and come in a range of sizes, styles and types including our popular Electric Vehicles. All vehicles are EEC certified and of an excellent build quality.

Our vehicles all come with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. Spare parts are available in NZ with any parts that are not currentlfy on hand being readily available via direct airfreight at reasonable prices. We are in the process of setting up Sales and Service agents throughout NZ.

How far will she go!!

This video shows our electric UTV sitting at 26 degrees on the side of a bank. The pivot point at which stage it will rollover was 45 degrees.

We can offer custom Lithium battery upgrades for our Electric side by sides.This gives a higher AH rating, longer run times, quicker charging and greater longevity of battery life.

Lithium batteries now available

South Island Contact

South Island Contact

Applestone UTV's at our store

Applestone UTV's at our store

Have a look around our web site and get in touch via our Contact page, or email sales@applestoneutv.co.nz if you have any queries about a vehicle you've seen on our pages.